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Volunteer Registration

New Home Association will contact you after receiving your online registration. You may be required to come to our service centre to complete the official form.

1.Individual members / family members are mainly Subscriber / Volunteer fill out (complete with network members only * part of the applicant)
Date of birth:
ID number : Arrival Date :
Occupation: Birthplace:
Yesr of arrival in HK:
Please tick the category that best describes your residence status:
Migrants from Mainland China who have stayed in Hong Kong for no more than seven years.
Mainland Chinese applying for a single-entry permit to Hong Kong.
Mainland Chinese who have a legal permit to study or work in Hong Kong.
Minority ethnic groups with the right to reside in Hong Kong.
*Phone (mobile/home phone): *Emial: *QQ:
2.Apply to become a volunteer, please fill out the following additional information
1) Personal Specialty:
2) participation in service (or option):
Civilian Family Children Youth Elderly Event Planning Community Service
3) Estimated monthly available hours of volunteer service:
You will be provided to the personal data, subject to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance protect the。