"We Care Card" ("We Card") is an innovative charitable programme which was jointly launched by New Home Association and Hong Kong Chinese Enterprise Association in June 2017. More>>
Launched in 2015, “We are family” is a signature programme of New Home Association(NHA), with over 9,000 Hong Kong grassroots citizens receiving funding by 2018. More>>
The scheme aims to provide transitional housing with a concept of "Co-living and Cohesion". More>>
With effect from 1 April 2021, Social Welfare Department (SWD) appoints the New Home Association for processing of applications and provision of services for elderly persons applying for/receiving Social Security Payments in Guangdong for a period of 36 months. More>>
新家園協會於2020年獲勞工及福利局委託營辦第八批兒童發展基金項目,分別於深水埗區、九龍城及油尖旺區、大埔及北區推行計劃。 More>>
New Home Association and Guangdong Youth Federation jointly establish the "Greater Bay Area Youth Home" at Greater Bay Area in order to assist the youth of Hong Kong and Macao integrate into the Mainland. More>>
中銀香港新家園電腦捐贈計劃以關愛、分享為主題,為幫助社會上有需要的人士提供更多的學習機會,與電腦世界接軌,放開眼界。 More>>

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