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We Care Card

"We Care Card" ("We Card") is an innovative charitable programme which was jointly launched by New Home Association and Hong Kong Chinese Enterprise Association in June 2017. The target beneficiaries which include eligible elderly, persons with disabilities, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients, low-income groups, new arrivals and ethnic minorities. According to Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2016 issued by Commission on Poverty, 0.996 million people live in poverty, this programme aims to encouraging and facilitating the participation of different business enterprises to provide charity offers on daily necessities of life to them so that relieving their stress and standard of living.

We are Family - Hong Kong Yout...

Launched in 2015, “We are family” is a signature programme of New Home Association(NHA), with over 9,000 Hong Kong grassroots citizens receiving funding by 2018.