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Job Vacancies

New Home Association (NHA) was founded in June 2010 and now provides a comprehensive range of services in Hong Kong and the Mainland. We are a non-governmental and charitable organisation dedicated to providing one-stop professional social servcies for new arrivals from the Mainland, ethnic minorities, and the disadvantaged in Hong Kong. We aim at enabling them to develop their full potentials and to serve the community. We are also committed to promoting community participation, social inclusion, and to building an equal and caring society. We are currently recruiting the following positions:

(Only Chinese version is provided for part of the job description).


1. Account Clerk 財務文員 (HQ/F/AC)

2. Software Developer 電腦程式員 (HQ/SD)

3. Secretary 高級行政秘書/行政秘書 (HQ/Sec)

4. Programme Worker (HC/PW)

5. Social Worker 社會工作員 (NTE/SW)

6. HR Officer人力資源主任(HQ/HRA/HRO)

7. Project Manager 項目發展經理 (HQ/WC/M)

8. Case Manager In-charge (EM/LD/CMI)

9. Case Manager (EM/LD/CM)

10. 駐內地導師(廣東省/福建省)(NTE/GDFJ)

11. 助理社會工作主任Assistant Social Work Officer (NTW/CIIF/ASSO)

12. 活動工作員 (NTE/PW)