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New Home Association Jockey Club Hong Kong East Service Centre

Centre Services For new arrivals to provide advisory services, case transduction service, or referral services. Actively organized various activities to help new arrivals integrate into Hong Kong. Main activities include family performance improvement plan, the new arrivals adapt plans, self-improvement program for new arrivals. CTS comprehensive support and advisory services In Sheung Wan and Shau Kei Wan Travel Travel Rush Center Rush Center set up an advisory counters, the main services include registration of members and volunteer services, enrollment services, information consulting services to social welfare in Hong Kong, real-time emotional support services. Community cooperation projects Positive and a number of government departments, organizations to contact or establish relations of cooperation, the establishment of new arrivals, the service network. Youth Development Project For the new arrivals to Hong Kong and Mainland students studying, organizing various youth development activities to develop their potential to increase employment opportunities to help integrate into life in Hong Kong. Main services include the Child Development Fund program, Youth Culture Expo activities, youth employment training programs.

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